The World is your Health Club

Don’t have the time to get to the gym, and think that doing a little 15 minute walk around your neighborhood or workplace isn’t worth it? Think again. A little creativity can offer you exercise benefits in any amount of time. Plus, the weather’s warming up, and that means the gym that’s everywhere and gives you constant free membership has just gotten better. So go for a walk, and look for these urban props to boost your stroll:

Park Benches or High Curbs.

Do step-ups on benches, or on anything that feels a comfortable, but challenging, height. You can also put your hands on a bench and keep feet on the ground for some core work by holding a plank position for as long as you can. Put one foot on a high curb, and do a staggered-height “march” in place until you feel your legs working hard, then change feet.

Playground Equipment.

Crossing the monkey bars is no joke once you’re a grown-up, and for most of us it’s too much to start with, but if you’ve been exercising and don’t have any shoulder issues, feel free. For an easier option that still works the back, go behind or underneath a slide, grabbing the edges of it with each hand, then lean back pulling yourself back and forth in a rowing motion.

Random Catalysts.

A random catalyst can be anything you decide ahead of time will boost your workout. For example, every time you see a stop sign you might double your pace for one minute. Pass a flower pot, and jog for thirty seconds. Fire hydrants could mean ten squats, red lights, ten jumping jacks.


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