Grilled Veggies – A Fresh Summer Treat

There’s nothing quite like the sweet summer taste of grilled vegetables. Grilling imparts just the right amount of smoky flavor, boosting natural sweetness. Grilled vegetables make for brightly colored sides, can be layered into lasagna, chopped and used as a dip, or made into a sandwich along with your favorite cheese.


One of the easiest vegetables to grill, simply trim the ends of the asparagus, brush with a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and they’re ready to go. Spears are perfect over a bed of greens along with chopped tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette.

bell peppers

A great way to get your daily vitamin C, choose red, green, yellow and/ or orange for a colorful grilled favorite. Cut them into rings or skewer along with other vegetables. These beauties are sublime tossed with pasta, or as part of an antipasti plate along with olives, Italian meats and cheeses, and crusty bread.


While technically considered fruits, juicy tomatoes come alive on the grill with their brightly charred skins. Large tomatoes can be cut into half-inch-thick slices while cherry tomatoes can be skewered or placed right on the grill.


A bit out of the ordinary, leeks just need a bit of prep before a quick grill. Using only smaller-sized leeks, remove tough outer leaves and trim root ends. Cut lengthwise in half and rinse in cold water. Place in boiling water two minutes or until just softened, then plunge into ice water. Pat dry, combine with a little olive oil and grill until just browned. Toss grilled leeks with a bit more olive oil, a splash of white wine vinegar, salt and pepper for a delectable side dish.

corn on the cob

Fresh-grilled corn on the cob is the perfect summer treat. Pull back husks and remove the silk, then replace husks and soak in water 20 minutes before grilling. When grilled, the corn will actually be steamed in the husks. Spread the grilled cobs with butter, and sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs and seasonings. Or, cut grilled ears into three-inch pieces for the perfect-sized barbeque side dish.


The earthy flavor of mushrooms combines perfectly with the rustic flavor of the grill. Try skewering cremini or white mushrooms along with meats or other vegetables for tasty kabobs. Or, marinate whole portobellos in your favorite vinaigrette and serve on a bun for a vegetarian burger.

red, white, or yellow onions

Excellent choices for grilling, simply slice onions into half-inch-thick rounds or cut into quarters. Or, leave the skins on and cut in half. Toss or brush onions with a marinade and grill away. These beauties are the ideal topping for burgers and pizza, or served with steak.


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