Developing Healthy Body Image

Developing Healthy Body Image

Many people try to lose weight in order to improve their body image. However, your body image has little to do with your actual weight! Healthy body image means feeling good in your body and not basing your self-worth on your weight and size. By accepting yourself and your body as it is today (regardless of weight!), you can decrease the shame, guilt, and depression that comes with body critical thoughts and often interferes with making healthy changes. Start living and enjoying your life now, don’t wait until you lose weight!

Be nice to your body. Don’t spend time comparing your body, criticizing it in the mirror, or looking at images/articles that make you feel worse about yourself. Instead, treat your body with respect and make time for self-care.

Engage in healthy habits. Focus on fun movement, enjoyable nutrition, and remember to make time for other aspects of health, such as mental, social, and spiritual health.

Practice gratitude. Focus on what your body does for you, or what you appreciate about your body, rather than how it looks.

Listen to your body. Pay attention to what your body is asking for. Honor your hunger and fullness cues and tune-in to your needs. When your body doesn’t feel well, is tired, or wants a break from physical activity, make time to rest.

Remember your values. Put time and energy into things that are important to you. Don’t get caught up on your size and shape and neglect other aspects of your life.


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