Maximizing Your Medication’s Potential
The key to proper healing and managing your health may be right in your hands. It’s true! Simply taking your medication exactly as prescribed by your physician is of tremendous importance. Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated up to 50% of disease treatment failures are due to non-adherence. Medication adherence means taking your prescribed medicine in the right dose, at the right time, spaced appropriately and in the right way. Varying any one of these factors can have a negative impact on the healing process; multiple factors can have a significant impact on your health and put you at risk of developing complications. While it is essential your healthcare provider diagnose your condition correctly and prescribe the correct medication for treatment, it is vital you, the patient, take an active role in the healing process by ensuring you take the medication as prescribed.

There are many challenges a patient may face when obtaining and taking their prescription correctly. Barriers exist such as lack of transportation to the pharmacy, prescription cost and insurance coverage. A patient may pick up their prescription from the pharmacy but forget to take their medication as prescribed. Perhaps once the prescription is filled and home, the patient is reluctant to take their medication due to concerns about potential side effects.

Martin’s Pharmacy offers tools to make getting and taking your prescription easier, more convenient and in sync with your individual needs. One such valuable tool is the medication packaging program. Medications are packaged in blister cards, which have the day and time a patient needs to self-administer medicine. For patients who sometimes forget to take their multiple medications correctly, or for caregivers of patients looking to save time and have peace of mind, these medication blister cards are very helpful. The medications are packaged and dispensed by the pharmacy team eliminating the need for patients to reorganize. It is as simple as taking the medication in the pack that corresponds with the right date and time. Many patients who utilize the medication packaging program also take advantage of the complimentary delivery service which is available in most areas. A member of Martin’s Pharmacy team will deliver medication to your home, free of charge.

Martin’s Pharmacy also offers medication compounding. Medication compounding is the art of making medications from scratch using raw ingredients to make a form that is easier to use and better tolerated. One of the most common compounding requests is for liquid medication to be made for patients unable to swallow a pill or capsule. In addition to swallowing issues, some patients have sensitivities to ingredients that are found in the commercially available medications, such as preservatives, alcohol, gluten or dyes. Through compounding, many of these medicines can be prepared to be free of these inactive ingredients.

Whether it be special packaging or preparation of medication, delivery service or helpful advice and guidance, it is important to choose a pharmacy who can truly serve as a partner on your healthcare team. Having access to programs that enhance compliance, adherence and safety will enable you to optimize your medication treatment, leading to better outcomes. At Martin’s Pharmacy, we will work with you to find the best solution for you and help remove barriers to medication use. If you are interested in these services and personalized pharmaceutical care, contact your local Martin’s Pharmacy.


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